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China Manufacturing Transition
Contact GBOS on 1300 880 613 or by email to discuss your offshore manufacturing transfer requirements.

China Manufacturing Transition 

Do you need to reduce costs, but don’t want to compromise quality or supply chain efficiency? Our China manufacturing consultants can help.

Transferring your manufacturing to a China Manufacturing facility can be achieved successfully and smoothly with GBOS.

If you feel cost reduction is of the utmost concern for your business and / or product, the moving to a low cost Chinese Manufacturing solution may be the right choice for you. Manufacturing in China does no need to result in poor quality and low yield, our experienced manufacturing consultants can show you how to get the most from your partnership with a Chinese factory whilst keeping you informed of the risks involved and ways to ensure such risks are minimized.

With extensive experience in this specialist field working with established factories in China , our manufacturing transition consultants can assist you with all aspects including:

  • supplier selection;
  • factory and product specification auditing;
  • information transfer;
  • pilot, pre-production and first volume production;
  • warehousing and distribution;
  • intellectual property security; and
  • ongoing product and supplier management.

You can plan your local logistics and financial arrangements with confidence, because we quote our total fee with payments at key completion milestones up-front. There’s no open-ended hourly rate. This way, you’re not only minimising risk during the change process, you’re minimising secondary costs by pegging them to measurable successes.

We don’t accept vendors’ hidden commissions or bribes, which are common in some low-cost manufacturing countries, in return for favourable treatment. Our manufacturing transition consultants simply give you the inside word on the most reliable and diligent manufacturers, as well as personalised guidance throughout the change process. We aim to be leaders in offshoring consultancy, so we let our work speak for itself.

The result is an efficient, transparent and competitively priced service conducted in your best interests.

Contact GBOS on 1300 880 613 or by email to discuss your offshore manufacturing transfer requirements.

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