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GBOS provides impartial advice in the identification, selection, engagement and handover process for international outsourcing with the emphasis being on establishing and maintaining a long term relationship between the client and the vendor


It’s a simple and straightforward mission, but you’d be surprised how often companies get it wrong. Offshore manufacturing has become the only option for many Australian industries competing in the global economy – but thorough preparation is essential. With the help of experienced contract manufacturing consultants, you can give yourself the best chance of success.Inconsistent quality and unreliable delivery are just two of the potential hazards awaiting companies that go into this major exercise inadequately prepared. Our offshore manufacturing consultants take a multi-faceted approach to analysing, assessing and counteracting risk. It starts with sourcing advisory, which covers looking at your supply needs, a cost/benefit analysis, and auditing of potential suppliers.

Through a specifications audit, our contract manufacturing consultants can ensure that the experienced and reputable manufacturer you choose has all the right instructions. Of course, initial and ongoing QA audits are also critical for ensuring that you’re getting great value for money as well as an accurate representation of your designers’ vision.

With a successful track record in offshore manufacturing transition, we provide cost-effective professional services including:

• supplier selection;

• factory and product specification auditing;

• information transfer;

• pilot, pre-production and first volume production.

• sourcing & procurement

• supply chain optimization

• inventory optimization

• IP secure offshoring


We’re also experienced in change management. Our team can show you how to transfer offshore manufacturing from Australia to the location of your choice with as little disruption as possible to quality, supply chain, order scheduling and more. In other words, we can help you successfully make the change you need to run a profitable organisation again.


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