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Looking for Reliable, Affordable Printed Circuit Board Manufacture or Electronic Assembly?
Reliable PCB Manufacture or Electronic assembly

Let's face it, the art of Printed Circuit Board Manufacture and Electronic Assembly has all but vanished from the Australian Manufacturing Landscape.

The few companies that remain in Australia either function as boutique manufacturing facilities or outsource your work to an offshore third party or both. Electronic Manufacturing has been so long removed from our shores that mostly even if the costs to manufacture were to become competitive again, the technology and skill set required to compete internationally are no longer here.


Boutique companies are great for design proving and fast turnaround but not necessarily the best choice in terms of mass production or a scalable solution.

Those companies that openly (or secretly) offshore your job to an unknown manufacturer basically cause a limit on the amount of control you can exercise over the manufacturing process.

There is another option for companies seeking high tech manufacturing whilst protecting IP Security and retaining control over the relationship with the end manufacturer, GO DIRECT TO THE FACTORY.

GBOS can facilitate the process of transitioning your designs successfully and in a timely manner to a Low Cost Country manufacturer in a wide variety of destinations as well as work with your company to identify and select the right country and the right manufacturer to produce your designs whilst allowing you to maintain a degree of control and direction over the process.

GBOS is the premier Australian manufacturing transitioning consultancy with a long track record of successfully identifying and transitioning manufacturing projects offshore, not only to China but to other manufacturing destinations with a low cost advantage.  

Contact GBOS on 1300 880 613 or by email to discuss your PCB Manufacture and Electronic Assembly options.

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