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Are China Manufacturers a Good Fit for Your Company?
China Manufacturers.... or not

Are you only looking at China Manufacturers for the manufacture and / or assembly of your design? 

It may be that you can get a better deal in another Low Cost Country or possibly that China is not the right fit for your Company's competitive strategy or product requirements. 

With the ongoing rise in the minimum wage in China and the persistent issues with IP Security, your company needs to seriously and intelligently assess where is going to be the best destination for the manufacture of your product design.

If you value cheap prices and feel that the design can be adequately broken down into discrete sub-assemblies to allow "black box" manufacturing or that the product has little need for IP security as it is common in the marketplace and cost is your only requirement, then China may be the right destination for manufacture.

It is, however a big world with many similar Low Cost Manufacturing destinations. Each of which have different advantages and disadvantages. Using a knowledgeable consultant to advise on the best options and match for your design and company is paramount in ensuring you get the most from your transition to a Low Cost Manufacturer.

GBOS is the premier Australian manufacturing transitioning consultancy with a long track record of successfully identifying and transitioning manufacturing projects offshore, not only to China but to other manufacturing destinations with a low cost advantage.  

Contact GBOS on 1300 880 613 or by email to discuss your Low Cost Manufacturing options.

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