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It’s a simple and straightforward mission, but you’d be surprised how often companies get it wrong. Offshore manufacturing has become the only option for many Australian industries competing in the global economy – but thorough preparation is essential. With the help of experienced contract manufacturing consultants, you can give yourself the best chance of success.

Inconsistent quality and unreliable delivery are just two of the potential hazards awaiting companies that go into this major exercise inadequately prepared. Our offshore manufacturing consultants take a multi-faceted approach to analysing, assessing and counteracting risk. It starts with sourcing advisory, which covers looking at your supply needs, a cost/benefit analysis, and auditing of potential suppliers.

Through a specifications audit, our contract manufacturing consultants can ensure that the experienced and reputable manufacturer you choose has all the right instructions. 



Explore the full range of services via the links below, and contact our head office to begin discussing your offshoring project.

Our Services

Sourcing Advisory

Offshore sourcing looks highly attractive to many Australian manufacturers, but rushing blindly down the offshoring path without adequate planning and preparation can have dire consequences.

From the beginning, it’s crucial to establish whether sourcing locally, offshore, or a combination of both is the best option.


End of Line QA Audit

One of the most important criteria with offshore manufacturing is that the finished products consistently meet the exact specifications.

Using a local end-of-line quality auditing service in the offshore location isn’t the ideal solution – it simply replaces the manufacturer’s quality control with another unknown one.


Offshore Manufacture Transfer

Manufacturing Transition Consultants

Are you considering offshoring, but don’t want to compromise quality or supply chain efficiency? Our Offshore and China manufacturing consultants can help.

Transferring your manufacturing offshore can be achieved successfully and smoothly with GBOS.



Specifications Audit

More often than not, problems in the early stages of a manufacturing contract with a local or offshore supplier are caused by inadequate documentation.

Simply hoping that suppliers will do exactly what you want is a recipe for disaster. Even asking suppliers to recommend what they consider is best or ‘usual’, or leaving it up to them to decide, is asking for trouble.


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