WE reduce offshoring


through strategic vendor management

Offshore manufacturing is a necessity in many companies in order to remain viable in a Global Marketplace. The main problem that many companies encounter is the persistent quality fade and rampant non-conformance that often results from the move to an offshore vendor.GBOS specializes in getting these issues under control and making offshore manufacture work for you instead of working to diminish your brand and company reputation.

Our Services

Sourcing Advisory
A seasoned  GBOS consultant can assist your company to identify those processes and practices that are currently impacting the overall value offering of your company and assist with the selection of alternatives.



End of Line QA Audit
When you are using offshore services to manufacture your products, a primary concern is whether the product has been manufactured and checked according to your design.



Offshore Manufacture Transfer
With our extensive experience in offshore contract manufacturing transitioning you can be confident that transferring manufacture offshore will be successfully and painlessly implemented.



Specifications Audit
The majority of issues at early stages of a manufacturing contract with a domestic or offshore supplier can usually be pin-pointed to issues with the documentation provided.



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